Tracks in the Snow

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Crown: . Go ahead and reply to our thread. Feb 9, 2019 2:27:56 GMT -5
Crown: I am, if i can log back into my account. I might just have to start a new one. Feb 2, 2019 11:11:07 GMT -5
iapetus: @crown I'm around and up for continuing our rp, I'll have to remember where I was headed with the story, though. D'you think you'll be up for it? Feb 2, 2019 9:56:58 GMT -5
Crown: Can't log into my account Jan 31, 2019 3:03:30 GMT -5
Crown: Can't log in to my account Jan 31, 2019 3:00:24 GMT -5
iapetus: Welcome, dudeman and Myra! I'm interested to know if anyone has tried the new book yet, and whether you liked it? Jan 19, 2019 6:53:46 GMT -5
iapetus: Is anyone counting down the days to December 31 now? Dec 18, 2018 1:52:53 GMT -5
iapetus: Welcome to Alagaesia, Valery! Feel free to look around and make a character app or two, then we can get back into the fun that is Inheritance - and just in time for the new book!!! Dec 18, 2018 1:52:34 GMT -5
iapetus: Welcome back to Alagaesia, Stardrop! Feel free to get a character app submitted, with the mods on leave Jaxrond and I are sorting them on as they come through. Nov 23, 2018 22:30:34 GMT -5
iapetus: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone Nov 22, 2018 23:00:59 GMT -5
iapetus: Howdy, Alayne Bright-Scales. Good to see you around! Nov 17, 2018 2:25:37 GMT -5
iapetus: Welcome to Alagaesia, Max! A few of us are around with regularity, so feel free to submit some character apps and we can get a story started. Nov 11, 2018 23:14:28 GMT -5
iapetus: Welcome, all newcomers! If you are interested in making your own piece of Alagaesian history just create a profile, write up your first character app and we'll get you involved! Oct 15, 2018 21:33:10 GMT -5
lapetus: Great job, Dragwen! You only missed one (a Dragon Rider's Handmark is a gedway ignesia), but in the absence of Trinn I'm saying eleven out of twelve is definitely high enough. I look forward to seeing a Dragon Rider app from you! Oct 6, 2018 14:24:53 GMT -5
lapetus: Aaah, you're right. *Facepalm* Oct 6, 2018 14:20:09 GMT -5
Jax: The dragon rider quiz, right? Oct 3, 2018 16:37:25 GMT -5
iapetus: I'm sorry! It has been quite a while since I tooled around the site, so I don't remember which questions you mean. My mistake! In any case, I hope you're enjoying all the old posts, and the possibilities presented by new ones. Oct 1, 2018 17:42:57 GMT -5
dragwen: no they are the guesses to the questions listed above Sept 30, 2018 21:10:25 GMT -5
lapetus: Welcome, Dragwen! Are these your guess as to the words Broom taught Eragon before he died? Sept 30, 2018 10:44:01 GMT -5
dragwen: 1) Thorn and he is red, 2) The Cripple Who is Whole, 3) Many colors, 4) Very big, 5) Igwesia Signia, 6) By their minds, 7) Nasuada, 8) Misery, 9) Saphire blue, 10) virtually unbreakable and made of a special metal, 11) An Eldunari, 12) to raise the Riders Sept 29, 2018 22:06:22 GMT -5
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